St Croix Fly Rods

Like many of the older fly rod business, they began out with bambo rods. In 1956 came telescopic rods which ultimately lead to the intro of the 3-piece-travel St Croix fly rods. The Legend Ultra rods are an excellent fly rod in terms of value and castability.
Triumph: The Triumph fly rod from St. Croix has a moderate-fast action to accommodate fly-fishers of all capabilities. Line weights 4-9. Comes in 2 or 4 pieces.

Premier: St. Croix Premier fly rods are crafted from premium SCII graphite; they provide a smooth moderate-fast action novices in certain discover happily flexible. Line weights 5,6, and 8.

Reign: Developed of premium SCII graphite, St. Croix's Reign rods provide a flexible casting action and an incredible degree of feel at a cost much lower than you 'd anticipate. Rods come with a 1,000-denier nylon-covered rod case with divided polypropylene liner. All Reign rods are backed by St. Croix's restricted life time guarantee.

With this angling knowledge comes an extensive gratitude for the slower rate of the moderate-action these St. Croix fly rods. The heavier line weights, the spey rods in specific, are proficient at punching heavy, wind-resistant flies through the thickest of breezes. Line weights 3-10.

Avid: These St Croix fly rods are for folks who fish every scenario possible. Crafted from St. Croix's unique high-modulus SCIII graphite, Avid rods are flexible, moderate-fast fly rods that pack efficiently and considerably down the blank for a smooth casting stroke and extraordinary feel. For everything from hatch matching on a gin-clear spring creek to chucking matukas on huge water to battling stripers off the beach, there is an Avid fly rod for the celebration.
St Croix Fly Rods

Legend Ultra: St. Croix Legend Ultra fly rods are one of the finest values in fly fishing today. Severe fishermen everywhere have actually rapidly found that Legend Ultra fly rods look and carry out as well as rods running around two times the cost. Line weights 5,6 8-10.

Legend Elite: This is the most recent addition to St Croix fly rods. Integrating St. Croix's advanced Integrated Poly Curve innovation, Legend Elite fly rods are created with one constant curve which gets rid of weak areas. These St Croix fly rods are constructed from high-modulus, high-strain SCV graphite with carbon-matte scrim and equipped with the absolute finest elements offered.