Fly Logic FLP+ 6wt Rod Review

There appears to be an absence of mid-priced fly rods out there that supply a level of quality for the average to much better fly fisherman while not breaking the bank. With numerous rods under $200, and lots of hovering around the $600-$800 range, its tough to discover a good mid-priced rod that hangs around $300.

I got fortunate and came across my mid-priced rod through a present from my papa, and the sound guidance of a regional store. It began with the present of Fly Logic's FL Premium Plus (FLP+)- a terrific mid-priced fly rod that provides outstanding value for the cash.

Fly Logic FLP+ 6wt Rod Design

Fly Logic FLP+ 6wt Rod
Away I fell in love with the surface of the rod. Prior to selecting up the FLP+, I was fishing regularly with the FLP in a glossy black surface. While I think any great fisherman can capture a fish regardless of the rod's surface, I like to fish smaller sized rivers and streams where the fish hold tight to banks and scare simple. In addition, the FLP+ features FLY Logic's Logic Grip deal with. A design that makes sure right and comfy hand positioning. A plus on those longer fishing expedition where your casting arm might not get much of a break from sun-up to sun-down.


Fly Logic's action in the FLP+ competitors that of a higher-priced rod. The butt and mid-section of the rod stay relatively firm leaving the leading 30 to 40 % of the rod to do the casting. I invested simply as much time with the rod on smaller sized creeks. The medium-fast action assists when the wind chooses up in the afternoon as a storm blows in-- and shows specifically beneficial in targeting holes and pocket water from a range when the fish can be quickly terrified.


Generally, Fly Logic's FLP+ fly rod is remarkably receptive. Its an excellent mid-priced fly rod that does not cut corners on the qualities that a heavy-use fly rod requirements. For the cash, I believe you'll be pleased with the value you get.